sustainable design

Sustainable design provides environmental, health, economic and social benefits. Some examples of
sustainable design include:

Project Siting: Deliberate building placement intended to utilize prevailing winds and solar patterns to maximize day
lighting and control solar heat gain. Considersite configuration to minimize deforestation and erosion / sedimentation
impacts while employing native plant xeriscaping strategies to minimize water usage.

Project Material: Encourage use of local, renewable and recyclable materials throughout the building. Items may include structural products such as steel, concrete and certified wood; or interior elements, recycled tile and carpeting, wall covering, ceiling tiles and furniture. Facilitate user recycling practices.

Energy Saving: Employ monitored, high efficiency fixtures, thermally efficient windows, Energy-Star© appliances and
efficient HVAC equipment / systems. Encourage implementation of alternative energy sources such as wind, solar and geothermal fields. Utilize day lighting and natural ventilation methods to augment and partially replace traditional lighting and HVAC solution.

Air Quality & Water Resources: Design effective ventilation systems; incorporating natural ventilation processes when
possible. Limit VOC, CFC, HCFC and Halon in HVAC and fire suppression systems incorporated into buildings. Minimize site impacts to reduce effects on storm water amount and content. Encourage the implementation of water conservation methods including rainwater recapture, low-or-no-flow plumbing fixtures and water efficient HVAC equipment.


At Columbia Associates, sustainable design is something we do every day and have considered
a part of our practice for over twenty years. Our philosophy of sustainable design reflects our
commitment to the principles of environmental stewardship and conservation. Columbia
Associates believes that sustainable design should not be an idea that is “layered onto” a
project. It should be integrated into the design from the first conceptual sketches incorporating
the amenities of the site location. We are ready willing and able to guide our clients through the
process of making a building or office space efficient, affordable and built to last for the ever
evolving needs of its occupants.











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