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graphic design:

Columbia Associates provides an array of graphic design services for clients, ranging from high resolution computer generated animations to the design of marketing brochures and visual presentation materials.

Sketch, 2D and 3D renderings
Elevations, floor plans, site plan renderings
Logo design
Marketing brochures & collateral materials
Maps / geographical illustrations
Presentation / award boards

3D Graphics:

3D graphics, renderings and interactive walkthrough movies providing:

Virtual reality
Site design analysis
Sunlight and shadow studies
Lighting design analysis
Virtual sales models
Interior / exterior material studies
Website animations


site renderings:

We offer initial site renderings that can be as simple as a color overlay for clarification,
or highly detailed renderings for presentation purposes.


marketing plans:

Marketing plans can consist of floorplans and 2D elevations. These are done either in black and white or colored for easier comprehension.They are often used in brochures, on websites and can be produced in large format to hang in offices.


building renderings:

Building Renderings are a wonderful way to see what is to come.
In a large multi-phase project a rendering can show the entire scheme of the plan before it's even close to being built.
Building Renderings are often used for presentations, on billboards, and to hang in offices.

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