interior design

Columbia Associates interior design studio's provide services both in support of the firm's architectural department and independently. Our teams have worked with clients in the corporate, educational, healthcare, hospitality, municipal and residential markets. We strive to incorporate environmentally conscious solutions through the use of products that enhance indoor air quality, increase the use of natural light, and use recycled or recyclable materials to create sustainable "green" environments. Our interior design staff provides solutions for economic, functional and efficient spaces that meet aesthetic goals of our clients.


Pre-Design Planning / Programming
Finish Selection & Specification
Furniture Inventory
Furniture, Fixture & Equipment Specification
Furniture Bidding & Negotiating
Space Planning / Interior Architecture
Custom Casework & Floor Patterns
Construction Observation & Furniture Installation / Coordination
Move Coordination
Artwork & Accessory
Way Finding / Signage


interior design philosophy

Interior design is the process of creating your company image(brand identity). Creating an efficient healthy work/living place as well as human/employee comfort will maximize return on your investment. We have experienced staff in interiors, architecture, real estate and graphics, providing our clients with the expertise and resources to design appealing space that works with the attributes of the architecture and location providing efficient human interaction, inspiration and improved quality of life.
A typical comprehensive interior design project process:

programming / space planning

-initial owner/occupant interviews/group survey
-as-built drawing generation (drafting of plans for any existing structures)
-design program development (establishment of key design criteria)
-3D study renderings:


preliminary / conceptual design

-design strategy development (e.g. what ideas & concepts will be employed to solve  the problems identified in the programming phase)
-initial design sketches and drawings
-3D interior development renderings
-client presentation: depending on the contract depth this would include:

-preliminary space and furniture layouts, and interior elevations
-3D interior renderings
-finish boards
-cost estimation
-color analysis - identifying scale & proportional relationships with the  architecture

design finalization

-pending owner approval-this phase involves all the drawings and specifications  necessary to clearly communicate the design intent to any contractors/craftsman who  will be used on the project
-plans, interior elevations, interior sections, reflected ceiling plans, electrical,  HVAC/plumbing, and all design detail coordination.
-finishes, furnishings, and equipment specifications and documents for bid  solicitation
-completed design specifications+ finish, flooring, lighting and furniture  schedules

construction administration / project coordination

-duties and responsibilities will be completed per contract between owner and  designer
-purchasing and installation review
-frequent visits to evaluate quality of work and to make sure all work is being completed  as specified and in a timely sequence
-inspections to determine substantial and final completion

Post Occupancy Evaluation

-identification of any unresolved issues
-client satisfaction survey



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