missouri state capitol foyer renovations

The Senate Lobby’s of both the Missouri Capitol and the Nation’s Capitol were enclosed around late 1960’s early 1970’s. It was determined that this space was necessary to enable the politicians to step outside of the Chamber for private phone calls, breaks, and small meetings without leaving the immediate area. Missouri surrounded their historically detailed Senate with trendy metal commercial store fronts. All walls and ceilings were painted discount yellow.

In the mid 1990’s, work began on appropriations bills to address deferred historic maintenance and
necessary accessibility improvements to the Capitol. This was done in anticipation of the Lewis and Clark 100 year celebration. This was also an effort to re-introduce Missourian’s to their Capitol and bring them back to some of the original grandeur and awe of the facility and it’s function.

The colors utilized were drawn from the original Murals by Thomas Hart Benton in the Pershing and Bingham Gallerys. Acoustical treatments were added to the ribbed, curved and domed ceilings. Acoustical treatments were added to the walls as the areas are utilized for many simultaneous private political conversations. Original lighting was assessed, historical fixtures were added, repaired and replaced and gallery lighting was installed for accent lighting. Settings for various events were programmed into the automated switching system. Architectural polychromy highlighted the architectural beauty of the space. Mahogany wood was utilized to frame windows and doors to match other detailing in the Capitol. The windows were frosted for privacy, eliminated the need for drapery and allowes natural light from the original skylights of the rotunda to enlighten the space. As these spaces are currently utilized for quick meals, lots of coffee and a considerable amount of traffic the carpet chosen was of hospitality quality with historical patterning.

All interior treatments meet current fire codes and
can be washed (smoking is allowed in these areas) and can be easily reinstalled. Original historical furnishings were restored with durable long lasting materials that are suitable for any hospitality location. New furniture was designed to meet the demand for pamphlet distribution, coffee, study and eating areas.

The House Lobby Dome room with fire rated, washable acoustical wall and ceilings, incorporates a Missouri Red Granite Counter area complete with coffee service, mohagony cabinets, trash, water fountain and ice maker.

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